Beauty and Intention, 2 of 2 Episodes with Jonathan Vinson

Episode 20 January 31, 2023 00:45:53
Beauty and Intention, 2 of 2 Episodes with Jonathan Vinson
Professors, In Rooms, Getting Coffee
Beauty and Intention, 2 of 2 Episodes with Jonathan Vinson

Jan 31 2023 | 00:45:53


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Justin Winzenburg Stephen Jones

Show Notes

In their introductory conversation, Justin and Stephen discuss the insight that led to the creation the Advent Special (Episode 19) Lament. Then, Professor and Filmmaker* Jonathan Vinson joins to conclude the conversation about beauty. Justin asks about the sometimes disappointing quality of Christian film and music. 

Jonathan shares about theme in storytelling, and the ways in which Christian arts can end up undercutting their message by frontloading it and undercutting the story. Justin suggests that even attempts to write overt worship music can lose the message through jargonization.

Stephen asks whether the underlying issue is a lack of commitment to the art of storytelling, or whether the problem stems from a too-quick-resolution resulting from an inability to sit with tension, pain, and suffering.  Jonathan considers how technical abilities, theological shortcomings, and philosophical hang-ups all contribute to reduced quality in Christian art, and suggests that narrative epistemology may provide a way to sit in the tension and maintain a prophetic voice. 

In their highlights, lowlights, and insights, Justin and Stephen also discuss gracious and generous critique in scholarship, missing family over the holidays, the end of the semester, the feeling of February-forever, and Hope. 

Jonathan Vinson is a photographer, filmmaker, and assistant professor from Crown College. He has a Masters of Theological Studies from Bethel University and a Masters of Fine Arts in Film and TV Production from Asbury University.

Jonathan's Film Paradise Strong: Surviving California's Deadliest Wildfire is available for streaming from Amazon*.

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