Culture and International Relations

Episode 21 February 28, 2023 00:50:15
Culture and International Relations
Professors, In Rooms, Getting Coffee
Culture and International Relations

Feb 28 2023 | 00:50:15


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Justin Winzenburg Stephen Jones

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*Transcript now available (beta)* Justin and Stephen launch into a conversation about Stephen's dissertation dealing with the question of whether and how cultural differences matter in international relations.

They discuss how even though the question seemed obvious, that the literature in the field was missing conversations about culture in the way that intercultural relations scholars approach the idea. Justin asks Stephen about why he had to go outside of the political science field to find evidences of culture to bring back in to his research. This is the first episode of a series on Culture and International Relations, and we hope you find it enjoyable and interesting.

Justin and Stephen also discuss coffee, having fun, social anxiety, and the Crown Honor's banquet. 

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