Culture: from Embodied Experience to the Biggest Questions

Episode 24 May 10, 2023 00:46:43
Culture: from Embodied Experience to the Biggest Questions
Professors, In Rooms, Getting Coffee
Culture: from Embodied Experience to the Biggest Questions

May 10 2023 | 00:46:43


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Justin Winzenburg Stephen Jones

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In this episode, we discuss the difference between culture and worldview. Stephen explains how culture goes beyond differences in thinking and includes everything ranging from our sometimes wordless embodied experiences to our deepest assumptions about what the universe is and means. We talk about how cultural values frameworks help us to see the differences between cultures by posing important questions, and Stephen talks about how approaches to intercultural communication that look the same on the surface can actually differ significantly, depending on whether a traits-based or process-oriented dyanamic approach to culture is used. 

We talk about the role of navigation in the development of the concepts of time, and how the approaches used at Greenwich reflect assumptions about what it means to know and research something. And, Stephen shares a just-for-fun project he was working on with his son.   

Timestamped Overview

[00:02:19] New Keyboard Sparks Home Music Collaboration

[00:08:32] The Fascinating Connection Between Time and Navigation

[00:17:41] Inadequate Culture Definitions: Oversimplifying the Complex

[00:20:57] The Embodied Experience of Culture: Understanding Beyond Words

[00:26:12] Uncovering Cultural Differences: It's More Than Worldview

[00:30:14] Analyzing Humanity's Intrinsic Nature: Three Options

[00:32:48] The complexities of cultural research and approach

[00:36:51] Understanding Culture: Individualism, Collectivism, and Identity

[00:39:31] Cultural Frameworks and Our View of Death

[00:42:21] Intercultural Communication: A Process, Not Product


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