Intercultural Competence: Constructivism, Empathy, and Adaptive Frameshifting

Episode 25 July 10, 2023 01:03:25
Intercultural Competence: Constructivism, Empathy, and Adaptive Frameshifting
Professors, In Rooms, Getting Coffee
Intercultural Competence: Constructivism, Empathy, and Adaptive Frameshifting

Jul 10 2023 | 01:03:25


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Justin Winzenburg Stephen Jones

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Stephen and Justin dive into the topic of intercultural competence and the intercultural development continuum. They explore the complexities of understanding and experiencing different cultures, highlighting the role of constructivism in shaping our knowledge and frameworks. They challenge simplistic approaches to culture in international relations, emphasizing the need for nuance and understanding of cultural factors in conflicts. The hosts also discuss the stages of intercultural development, including denial, polarization minimization, acceptance, and adaptation. They also reflect on the importance of empathy in relating to others' experiences.

They touch on the fear and polarization that can arise when interacting with different cultural groups and the ethics of cultural differences. The episode concludes with a discussion on the importance of adaptation and the difference between assimilation and acknowledging one's insider-outsider status in intercultural interactions. Throughout the episode, the hosts share their personal reflections and experiences, including their own projects, such as a book about a woman's experience with war in Ukraine.

Tune in to this enlightening episode of Professors, in Rooms, Getting Coffee for a deep dive into intercultural competence.

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